Supper Sorted started out with a seed of an idea. The seed was planted and it grew. And just like any great tree takes time to grow in full, so will Supper Sorted. 

Our first step is to grow a strong root system. A foundation that will sustain growth and life of the the organisation as a whole. Our users/subscribers are our main focus. We need to build a service they will love and give them value. That way our beneficiaries will be able to benefit from a reliable regular income. The time saving and savings on groceries already surpass the cost of subscription, but we will add more value as our subscriber numbers grow. We will be adding discount partners, to further bring savings to our users. 

Our goal for our beneficiaries is to raise enough money  to cover their  immediate monthly expenses. If we can prevent another animal shelter from closing down its doors due to lack of basic funds, then we will be winning. 

As a mom to a special needs teenager, one of our future goals is to address the issue of the lack of job opportunities for disabled individuals. Many disabled people leave school at 18 years and have no work prospects. There are programs available but are often too expensive. Our goal is to develop projects that these uniquely abled individuals can work on. For example we are launching branded merchandise that Non Profits can use to further  their fund raising efforts, etc. most aspects of this side of the business can be run by disabled individuals. 

We have started talks with a local school for disabled learners and some very exciting ideas have emerged already. 

We are open to new ideas and suggestions. Please feel free to get in touch if you share our vision and have any ideas that we can incorporate or collaborate on. 

Canvass Shopping Bag

  • High quality canvas shopping bag.
  • Saves money on buying shopping bags.
  • Helps to reduce plastic usage.


Fun Branded Mugs

People love mugs. Being able to relax because supper is sorted is every mom’s goal. Non profits can brand their own mugs as well. 

Currently the merchandise will be limited to incentives for subscribers.

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