How it started

I originally started Supper Sorted in 2010, because I was tired of trying to figure out what to make for supper every night. In the early days Supper Sorted was consisted of 5 recipes and a dessert emailed to your inbox each week along with a shopping list. I am a mom of three boys, so I need to cook healthy meals, but I also need quick and easy meals. I found myself shopping every day and making the same boring meals over and over again.  

I tried buying ready made meals, but it worked out more expensive and my family didn’t always like the taste. They wanted my cooking. (We all have our own style and add our own flavour to our cooking.) I then tried a service where they deliver a box of ingredients and recipes, but quite often I would end up throwing food away that my kids or I didn’t eat. And I still had to adjust the recipes, because feeding 4 males, I need a recipe for 4-8 not 4-6.

So I started planning my weekly menus and worked out a shopping list. When I used it I could shop once a week instead of daily! I started noticing that I was saving money on groceries each week! We were also not throwing away as much food as we used to. And we were eating interesting meals for a change. Another bonus is that I also had so much more time on my hands.

Everyone I told thought it was a great idea and pretty soon I was emailing my list to a regular database each week.  In recent years I had been thinking of making Supper Sorted a lot more functional online, with customisable meal plan and shopping list.  Since I happen to be a website developer, with my my own website design agency, I started to develop the system online. Now you don’t have to wait for your weekly email. You can access the supper sorted meal plan, recipes, shopping list and more form your phone, tablet or PC. 

For me Supper Sorted was never about building an income, (I have my business for that) but to have a really great service that saves time, saves money and ends the daily struggle of deciding what to make for supper!  Naturally a platform of this size and nature would need a team maintaining it, so I needed to find a way for it to support itself financially for it to continue. One thing that I knew is that I want to keep advertising to an absolute minimum, if any at all. I HATE the way recipe sites are so full of ads that you can barely find the actual recipe!

Then I had an idea! I keep seeing non profit organisations asking for donations. One in particular that struck me was an Animal shelter that posted on Facebook asking for food and donations as they only had  a few days food left. My thought was what if everyone just gave a little each month? And that’s when I realised that I could make a difference. Supper Sorted saves people money. In fact I save R150 – R200 each week by using the menu plan.

So here is how it works:  You pay just R79 per month to use the app. It saves you money, and sorts out your suppers. Your subscription fee then goes to help sort out supper for someone else.

We think its a GREAT IDEA! The membership fee is far less than what you will save weekly by using the service, so there is real value in the service for yourself and as an added bonus you you will be giving to those less fortunate. You also get to choose the cause you wish to support.

I am really excited to launch Supper Sorted. We have had AMAZING feedback from so many people who believe in our idea.  I believe Supper Sorted can become something truly worthwhile and AMAZING! We hope you will agree and support us. 

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