We will give you a weekly menu suggestion. We will combine some new recipes with old favourites. If you want to swap out any recipe on the suggested menu, simply go to All recipes and find one that you prefer. Add it to the menu. You can also add recipes using the “Add Recipes” button on your shopping list. 

The menu archive saves all your menus, so you can re-use your favourite ones. 

Deleting recipes from your mobile device is an issue on some phones, so either set service to zero 

You can create a menu plan for a few days or a month, by clicking on the calendar icon on each recipe. Once you have clicked the icon, select a date and select a course to add it to. 

You can generate a shopping list from specific dates on your menu plan by clicking the “generate shopping list” button. If you click on the Shopping cart icon on the recipes it adds the recipe to a basic shopping list that is not editable. (accessible from the menu drop down)

You can browse our recipes as well as add your own. You can add all your favourite recipes to “my favourites” so you do not have to search the entire database each time. 

You can create a quick shopping list without having any meals in your menu. 

Simply go to the MEAL PLANNER AND SHOPPING LIST page and click on “Generate Shopping List” You do not need to change the dates, but you do need to click the tick box. 

A blank shopping list will generate and you can ad what you wish. when done you can save and send it to yourself or your partner, etc.  

Please note that Supper Sorted was developed for use on mobile phones specifically for the shopping list, so you can take the list to the shops, instead of printing it.

This site works best on PC, as some functionality is lost on mobile. We will discuss this in the relevant sections below.

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