Is Supper Sorted a registered a registered Non Profit Organisation?

No. While we could register as a non profit organisation, (non profits need to have a maximum of 65% of turnover going to running costs. We are aiming to keep running costs at 50% of turnover.) the ultimate aim is a reliable source of income for other non profits. For example, if Fallen Angels needs R150 000 per month to feed their rescued dogs, then I want to find a way to achieve that. I am not sure which is the best way to achieve that and I do not want indecision to slow us down. For now I have chosen to focus on the prize rather than the details, but no matter what direction we choose to take in the future, we will always be transparent and you as a subscriber will know where your membership fee is going.

Also, very importantly is that we are not asking for a once off donation, but a monthly commitment. And thus we want to ensure that our subscribers get more worth back than they are giving each month. We want to put out subscribers first. As a non profit, we may be restricted. For more information about our choice please watch the following TED Talk titled; “The way we think about charity is dead wrong.”

Do I have to pay with my credit card or can I pay you via EFT each month?

The system is only set up for credit/debit card payments. It is a recurring payment that is managed by Payfast. Collecting money is an expensive exercise. Our aim is to keep costs as low as possible to users and to be able to give as much of the subscription fees to the cause, instead of money collection and bank fees. The credit card facility is safe, cost effective and convenient. If you feel you no longer wish to support your chosen cause you can cancel at any time, by visiting your profile, or contacting us directly.

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